5 Steps to Get Started with your Digital Marketing Strategy – Step 1

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Your Digital Marketing Strategy Starts with Understanding the Customers’ Process

Step 1. Map your customers’ purchasing process

Digital Marketing Strategy - Map Purchasing Process - Research

There is usually a logical progression of steps a customer (whether B2B of B2C) must go through to finally end up purchasing your product, service or solution. Think of yourself as the GPS to the destination – the purchase. You need to figure out the path, find your customers on the path (more appropriately help them find you) and lead them step by step in a very natural manner using your digital marketing activities, including: social media posts, your Web site, social networking tools, blogging, videos, images and other elements that will fall into your digital marketing plan.

Typically, it will start with a research phase. What type of research would they be doing? What is the business or personal problem your product, services or solutions solve?

From there is usually gets more specific at each phase. Do they need ideas, case studies, how-to information, product information, comparison information, local business information? You will use these phases to align your digital marketing strategy with the customer’s process as closely as possible. By understanding the “need behind the need” you can attract customers earlier in the purchasing process and stay engaged with them down the sales/purchasing funnel.

The Bottom Line: Know your customers’ process so you can align yourself to make the journey with them!

Read tomorrow’s post for Step 2 for getting started on your digital strategy: Find your customers online.

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