5 Steps to Get Started with your Digital Marketing Strategy

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Digital marketing strategy for business must start with the customer!

It seems like an appropriate place to start my blog is where every business must start – with a plan. Each business need to make many decisions about their digital marketing priorities, but many struggle with where to begin. This doesn’t need to be an overly complicated endeavor. Ultimately, it comes down to attracting the right traffic, engaging your audience effectively, driving behaviors down the purchasing funnel in a natural, helpful and non-threatening matter, and measuring your results for ongoing optimization.

But how do you know what traffic you need to attract? How can you attract it? What will be engaging for these people? Which social networks should you utilize? How do you drive user behavior? How can you measure results? These will be the topics of my blog in various levels of detail over time, but taking the first steps is the most difficult.

Put together what you know from experience, from market research and from common sense. A few online tools and some basic planning will help you do the rest.

Digital Marketing Strategy Tip: Have a PLAN!Here are the five steps I recommend for getting started with your digital marketing strategy.

Step 1. Map your customers’ purchasing process

Step 2. Find your customers online

Step 3. Create a content planning grid

Step 4. Do keyword research

Step 5. Put it all together, prioritize and start creating!

Once you have laid this foundation, the rest will come together very simply and you can easily determine exactly how all of your digital marketing efforts support your business strategy and goals. You will be able to identify the purpose and goal for every page and post on your site, blog and social media pages very simply. Knowing this allows you to use the right methods and content, employ the best keywords, use the best calls to action and multi-media elements to engage and drive behaviors, and finally to know what you should be measuring each step along the way to determine success.

Over the next five days, I will walk you through more details on each step to get you rolling, starting with mapping the purchasing process tomorrow.

The Bottom Line: Have a strategic plan, so you spend your time and money on the right activities to build your online presence and drive revenue using digital marketing.

If you have questions, feel free to post them in the comments area below.

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