Finally… MarComm 3.0 Launches Digital Marketing Blog!

Digital Marketingon July 15th, 20111 Comment

As our offline and online worlds increasingly become one and the same, all business must become social and mobile to succeed in a digitally-integrated environment. My goal with this blog is to help my clients and followers have consistent, timely and easy access to information and strategic planning resources for becoming a successful social business. After many years of writing successful blogs for clients and employers, I’m finally committing to writing my own digital marketing strategy blog.

Mika Lofton, Integrated Digital Marketing Expert

Mika Lofton, Integrated Digital Marketing Expert

To help businesses DRIVE REVENUE, I will be blogging from my own knowledge and expertise, as well utilizing news, tips and resources from the best digital marketing sources around the Web.Topics include: integrated digital strategy, social strategy, mobile marketing, social media marketing, search engine marketing, content marketing, display advertising, ui design and usability testing, search engine optimization, Web metrics and analytics, content marketing, eCommerce, Internet marketing and technology news and more. If you like the content here, please share it!

Feel free to submit specific topic ideas to me for consideration via my feedback form.

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